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Application Form
If you would like to join our club your are more than welcome to join us at one of our regularly scheduled meetings. You may also complete the form on this page and then hit the submit button to join online. Or, if you would like a printable version of the application just click here

Full Name: Todays Date:
Street Address: City:
State:    Zip:   Home Phone Number:   Work Phone Number:
e-Mail:    Cell Phone:
Emergency Contact:   Phone Number:
Please answer the following questions.
1. Years Fishing:   2. Skill Level:    3. Years Boating:  4. Best Lure:
5. Own Boat:    Style:   Length:   HP:
6. Member of another club?    Club Name:
7. What are you looking for in a fishing club?
8. Why do you wish to join this club?
9. What skills, abilities or services are you willing to contribute?
10. Have you read NHBA mission statement? Willing to abide by this statement?
11. Will you share ALL expenses with your partners?
12. Keeping in mind that competition is secondary to the purpose of this club, are you willing to share information with fellow club members regarding fishing pattens, lure selections, etc., during club meetings and tournaments?       If no, why?
13. Are you aware that the club is operated by a Board of Directors and any change in Club policy can only be made by this Board. The Board is composed of Paul Fisette and Charlie Taylor, Club Founders, Jack Wallace, and the current Club President. Keeping this in mind, are you willing to abide by the Bylaws, Tournament Rules and policies as set forth by the Board of Directors?     If no, why?

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