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Constitution and Bylaws


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ARTICLE 1 - Mission Statement


To provide an organization and environment that promotes enjoyment through fishing and fishing-related activities; to foster and nurture comradeship through friendly association; to improve the skills of members through mutual sharing of information, fish catching techniques and educational programs; to

provide a forum for friendly competition through club tournaments; to promote the conservation of, and protection of the fisheries resource; to provide an organizational structure that governs this body and perpetuates it's ideals.


ARTICLE II - Board of Directors


In order to build, preserve and protect it's mission, final authority and control of the club shall be vested in it's Board of Directors.  This Board shall consist of two of the founders who shall hold these positions for life. 

In the event of inability or choice not to serve, a vacancy shall be filled by a vote of the remaining directors.  The elected president shall serve as a temporary member of the Board during his or her tenure.  The Board of Directors shall meet as often as necessary to conduct the business of the club.


ARTICLE III - Membership


Section 1: Number of Members

The club shall consist of at least five members.  Membership shall be open to all, without regard to race, creed, color, religion or gender.  The minimum age for membership shall be sixteen years.  The Board of Directors, at it's sole discretion, may set limits as to the number of members.


Section 2: Requirements for Membership

To become a member, a person shall:

(a) Voluntarily express an interest in membership.

(b) Fill out a membership application, answer a brief questionnaire about fishing expertise and willingness to share expenses, and commit to the club mission.

(c) Agree to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Tournament Regulations.

(d) Agree to serve the club in any capacity when requested by the membership, officers or Board of Directors.


(e) Prospective members will be allowed to fish as guests in three (3) club tournaments or fun fishing events and will be expected to attend club meetings to demonstrate their desire to be members.

(f) The candidate's final membership status will be determined by the Board of Directors.


Section 3: Continued Membership

Membership shall continue unless said member:

(a) Fails to pay in full, all dues, assessments or other liabilities.

(b) Fails to conduct himself or herself in a sportsmanlike manner, or acts in a manner which would reflect dishonor on the club.  The Board of Directors expressly reserves the right to review circumstances of

any such matter brought to it's attention.  After appropriate investigation and/or discussion with the member(s) involved, the Board will determine the action to be taken, if any, up to and including suspension of membership.


Section 4: Membership Dues - Annual

Annual membership dues shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.  All membership dues shall be used for the benefit of the club and support of it's mission, not it's individual members or Directors.  Annual dues are payable at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the fiscal year, or upon being admitted to the club.

ARTICLE IV - Officers, Elections, Term of Office, Vacancies and Fiscal Year


Section 1: Officers and Their Duties

The officers of the club shall be President, Tournament Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The duties of each office shall be determined by the Board of Directors, which reserves the right to review the performance of any officer.   Furthermore, the Board of Directors may recall and replace an officer when, in it's sole discretion, the objectives of the club are not being met.


Section 2: Nominations and Elections

All nominations for elected office will be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at or before the November membership meeting.  The nominees will be reviewed by the Board in early December and a final slate of candidates will be published in the December newsletter.  Elections will take place at the January

Annual Meeting.


Section 3: Term of Office

The term of office for all officers shall be one year.


Section 4: Vacancies

In the event an office becomes vacant, the Board of Directors shall appoint a member to serve the remainder of the term of said officer.


Section 5: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall begin March 1 and end February 28.


ARTICLE V - Governance and Annual Meeting


Section 1: Governance ( Conduct of Meetings)

All meetings of the club, both regularly scheduled and specially called meetings, as well as meetings of the Board of Directors and all appointed committees, shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order (Revised).


Section 2: Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of members in January has been set aside as the official business meeting of the club.  Thus, to insure that regular meetings focus on the club's mission, member-initiated proposals to change By-Laws or Tournament Rules may be voted on, only at the Annual Meeting.  Such initiatives, to become

part of the Annual Meeting agenda, must follow the specific procedures outlined in Article VIII of these By-Laws.  The election of officers for the following fiscal year is also conducted at the Annual Meeting. Because of the business importance of the Annual Meeting to the club, each member is expected to attend, either in person or by written proxy.


ARTICLE VI - Assessments


From time to time, and upon review of the financial status of the club, the Board of Directors, with the consent of the membership, may levy a special assessment of the club members, to meet the goals of the club and to continue such operations of the club as the membership deems necessary.


ARTICLE VII - Policies and Procedures


The Board of Directors, at it's sole discretion, may establish such policies and procedures necessary to fulfill the mission of the club.

ARTICLE VIII - Method of Amending Constitution and


The Constitution, By-Laws and Tournament Rules may be amended by the Board of Directors at any of it’s regular or special meetings.  Member initiatives regarding changes in By-Laws and Tournament Rules will be permitted, and must take the follow form and procedure:

(a) All proposals for changes to the By-Laws and Tournament Rules must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at or before the November meeting, and must carry the signature of one or more members of the

Board, indicating agreement to bring the concept before the full Board for consideration.

(b) All proposals properly submitted to the Board will be discussed by the Board members in an early December meeting.  If a proposal is acceptable to the Board, the proposal will be published in the December newsletter in the form of a final motion, along with any other initiatives that had been previously considered and approved by the Board. The membership will be notified of any proposal rejected by the Board of Directors.

(c) All Board approved proposals will be voted on by the membership at the Annual Meeting in January.

(d) Any initiatives approved by the membership at it's Annual Meeting in January shall take effect on March 1.


Approved December 6, 1992

Amended March 5, 1995

Amended December 29, 1996

Amended January 13, 2000

Amended January 14, 2016


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